An example collection of 3D printed objects showing types of items printed, colours or materials used, for futher information contact me.

Please see home page for colours, prices and futher informatoin.

If there is something you would like but it is not shown, please ask.

Print time varies depending on many factors, please use the photos as examples, colours vary by monitor make, model and brand, so if you'd like to see what an item actually looks like, please request a sample print.

elephantsstandsit_small.jpg elephants2_small.jpg filament_small.jpg forklift_small.jpg heartstoragebox_small.jpg
legoman_small.jpg logcabin_small.jpg logcabininside_small.jpg mancave_small.jpg mancave2_small.jpg
microsdcardholder_small.jpg microsdcardholders_small.jpg moai_small.jpg nametag_small.jpg owlpencilholder_small.jpg
owlstatue_small.jpg phonestand_small.jpg piggybank_small.jpg rabbitarmy_small.jpg rabbitarmy2_small.jpg
rabbitbucket_small.jpg rabbitbucket2_small.jpg rabbitdispenser_small.jpg rabbitdispenser2_small.jpg rabbitdispenser3_small.jpg
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